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Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program: A Step-By-Step Integration to Patient-Friendly Dental Procedures

By: Dr. Jenny Fei

I was first introduced to dental lasers at the BIOLASE exhibit at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting when I first started as a young solo practitioner. At the time, I did not feel confident or brave enough to incorporate it into my practice and thought it was beyond my capability and understanding. Fast forward after many years in private practice, I still often found myself frustrated that I did not have a better way to do many procedures and offer patients better treatment for a variety of periodontal issues – until I attended the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program (WETP).

Waterlase Laser Dentist - Dr. Jenny Fei

I have to say the WETP was an eye-opener! Not only did I learn more in-depth about Waterlase technology, but I was finally able to test drive the laser for myself.  During my two-day training, we learned many procedures Waterlase could perform including periodontal treatment. The laser was no longer the abstract that I saw in the pictures and videos. It did not feel beyond my ability – and it was exactly what I needed all along in my practice.

Dr. Brad Labrecque led the training, and his lectures and detailed instructions made it easy for me to understand. He taught us step-by-step procedures we could start with in our daily work. I was also able to bring my dental assistant to the class to learn and work together so we could both have a good understanding of the laser when we had it in the office.

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The trial in my office solidified my belief in Waterlase. The best part of it was that Dr. Brad personally came to my office for the day to help guide me through laser procedures on my patients. This gave me the absolute confidence to start using lasers in my patient treatment.

I am very excited about doing minimally invasive surgeries and procedures, and most importantly, getting great results for my patients. I feel like my dental career has been reborn and my love for dentistry has been renewed with the Waterlase dental laser. Dr. Brad has been the most valuable part of this experience, and he answers my questions via text and guides me in real time during my procedures. I don’t think we could have had the same success without a mentor in our professional pursuit – this type of training and support really set this program apart.


Our success during implementation has been evident with our patients as well – they have been very accepting and excited about the laser treatment I am now offering. Their fear of surgeries has been greatly reduced and I feel they really appreciate the laser technology I have brought into their treatment plan. The biggest success for me so far is the periodontal treatment and management. I no longer have to just “watch” the periodontal pockets – I could now offer them minimally invasive periodontal procedures for much lower fees.

My staff has been very eager to learn throughout this process, and we have been doing a lot of learning together. We all look forward to incorporating lasers more and more each day in our practice. Even though we just started this investment a few months ago, we have already seen an increase in our production and profit. I no longer worry about if “it’s expensive and can I afford it” – now it’s definitely,  “I cannot afford to be without my Waterlase.”

Dr. Jenny Fei at the two-day Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program training in Chicago, Il.

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Dr. Jenny Fei

About Jenny Fei, D.M.D.

Dr. Jenny  Fei, D.M.D., is the founding dentist and established Garfield Family Dentistry, P. C. in 2001 in Oak Park, IL.  She graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry in 1999.  She then finished her General Dentistry residency at Denver  Health Medical Center in Denver, Colorado in 2000.  Dr. Fei also received her certificate in Orthodontics from the United State Dental Institute in 2003.  Dr. Fei believes in personalized dental care for each patient.

With 24 years of experience in providing high-quality patient care in private practice, including all phases of general dentistry for adults and children. Additional advanced skills in implant dentistry, periodontal treatment, orthodontics, and laser dental procedures.