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Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program: How Laser Dentistry Has Increased My ROI

By Dr. Scott D. Thompson

I participated in the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program (WETP) in March of 2021. As a dentist who has always been fascinated by the idea of integrating laser technology into my practice, I saw this program as the perfect opportunity to see what else was available. I was impressed by the well-organized format of the program and the experienced speakers, who shared their testimonials on how they had successfully integrated Waterlase into their practices.

The biggest takeaway from my participation in the program was the dental laser itself! Participating providers were able to utilize the Waterlase all-tissue laser in an obligation-free 45-day in-office trial. This was a crucial benefit, as my primary hesitation around adopting lasers was the time and effort it would take to undergo the proper training to administer the technology for myself and my staff. However, after the education, resources, and courses provided by the WETP program, I found that the entire integration ran as smoothly. After seeing it in action, I opted to invest in the technology.

Waterlase Dentist - Dr. Scott Thompson

Advancing Dentistry with Minimally-Invasive Technology

I use Waterlase on practically every restorative patient. I use the laser to prep fillings from start to finish, and more specifically, for decay removal and troughing around crown preps – especially if I’m getting a little closer to the pulp where I want to be as gentle as possible. I also use it for microfluidic irrigation in endodontic therapy. Periodontal benefits include gingivoplasty and crown lengthening.  Biopsies are made much easier to utilize as well. Its versatility continues to astonish my staff as well as my patients.

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There’s also the additional marketing aspect that comes with laser integration. Patients know that the technology is highly advanced, and appreciate that our practice is offering some of the most high-level technology on the market. In addition to cutting down procedure time, I no longer need to refer patients to other specialists (in many scenarios). I’ve found that lasers are especially helpful for patients who are sensitive to the noise and discomfort associated with the drill. I’ve even had a handful of patients fall asleep mid-treatment because they were so comfortable!

The integration of the Waterlase dental laser was so successful that we decided to invest in the Epic Hygiene laser. My hygienist loves the diode laser and is now a member of the Epic Hygiene Academy, an educational community that is available to like-minded dental professionals who utilize laser technology in their practice.

Masud Satar
Masud Satar
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I've been a patient for the past 20 years. Today I had two fillings and there was no drilling involved. Dr. Thompson used a laser, it was fast and amazing!

Return on Investment

I have been practicing dentistry for over 26 years, and throughout my career, I’ve always tried to integrate proven, advanced technologies when feasible – especially when such technology provides a strong return on investment. Naturally, the laser integration required some effort on the backend but overall it was incredibly worth it, and the BIOLASE sales team was behind me every step of the way.

If you are interested in expanding what you can provide to your patients and making your practice more marketable, BIOLASE lasers are an excellent way to get there due to their highly versatile nature. To any dental professional who is curious about integrating lasers into their practice, my top recommendation is to get involved with the WETP program.

Ready to be part of the dental laser revolution?

BIOLASE is offering select dentists an obligation-free opportunity to integrate minimally invasive Waterlase laser technology into your practice. Visit the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program to learn more!

Dr. Scott Thompson, DDS

About Scott D. Thompson, DDS

Graduating Magna Cum Laude, Dr. Scott D. Thompson received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the highly ranked University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Originally from Somerville, New Jersey, he graduated from Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania where he received his Bachelor of Science in biology. He has been practicing general dentistry since 1995.

Dr. Thompson is a member of the American Dental Association and a Diplomate in the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM), the only non-profit professional association dedicated exclusively to the practice of dental sleep medicine. Dr. Thompson helps treat patients suffering from snoring and obstructive sleep apnea utilizing oral appliance therapy.

For Dr. Thompson, caring for his patients is not only a career but a passion. Dr. Thompson enjoys learning and staying up to date with all of the latest dental innovations. He and his wife, Kristina, have four grown kids. Dr. Thompson volunteers at his church where he is a member of the Choir.

In his spare time, Dr. Thompson enjoys CrossFit and rowing. He recently completed his 2 millionth meter of rowing.