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Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program:
The best fit for my pediatric practice & patients

By Dr. Myeasha Burgess

Since participating in the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program (WETP), I’ve used BIOLASE dental lasers in my practice almost every day. I was initially drawn to the idea of dental lasers, due to myriad benefits, including elevating my practice as a whole, increased patient satisfaction, and quicker patient recovery.

I was hyper-selective when it came to making the decision on which company to purchase the laser from – looking at many different products and organizations, and then carefully cutting them down one by one to find the best fit. Then, I met with my local BIOLASE representative who told me about the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program. I instantly knew the opportunity to have hands-on experience was the solution I was looking for to help me feel confident in my decision and understand how to move forward. Knowing that laser technology would be a considerable investment, I wanted to be sure I understood the full potential and capabilities of the laser and what better way than to try it for myself before making the big decision

Waterlase Laser Dentist - Dr. Myeasha Burgess

Like many of my fellow practitioners, there are many questions and concerns to consider when investing in new technology, like “how and when can my team use the laser,” and “what proven information, research, data, and testimonials, are available to show how the technology can benefit myself, my patients, and my practice?”

To my knowledge, there is no other program like the WETP that offers the dental community a unique opportunity that provides an in-person, tactile experience for a 45-day in-office “test run” with the laser. BIOLASE says it is “Advancing Dentistry,” and it’s true– this program is a prime example of it.

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Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program

As a pediatric dentist, I wanted to get the real experience to determine if this was applicable to all patients, procedures, and treatments. It was invaluable to attend the program and hear from another pediatric dentist (who is well-known in the community) about how adopting BIOLASE dental lasers has changed her practice. During the conversation, she unpacked the numerous ways her team is utilizing lasers for a variety of treatments and procedures. In addition to hearing about her experience, during the training, we had access to a BIOLASE representative, tech support, and a team of knowledgeable instructors guiding us and answering our questions. This made me feel comfortable, supported, and confident using the laser.

On top of this, I was able to attend another BIOLASE dental conference for pediatric dentists in San Antonio, TX, where we also had access to the BIOLASE dental lasers during a laser lab session. This conference was primarily focused on pediatric dentistry and the restrictions regarding oral health. At the conference, I ran into a co-resident of mine, who previously talked to me about the benefits of dental lasers. It was reassuring to speak to her and learn about her experience using lasers for both soft tissue and hard tissue treatments.

Between these events, the education, and the experience of the WETP, using dental lasers day in and day out is a no-brainer. Since then I have been able to incorporate a wide variety of lasers in my pediatric dental practice, including the Waterlase iPlus all-tissue laser, the Waterlase Express, and the Epic X dental laser.

Dr. Myeasha Burgess

The Kiddos

Lasers have enhanced my work tenfold. I can do more restorative treatments and the kids love the dental lasers! They view them as a new and exciting treatment option. Lasers have also been enormously helpful when treating my patients who have trouble sitting still for long periods of time. We have found that our Waterlase treatments are quicker, involve less pain, and do not have the jarring sound of drills for those with dental anxiety.

In fact, the dental lasers I use are essential in treating those that have difficulties at the dentist, in general – especially when it comes to anesthesia. Additionally, the improved treatment and recovery provided by lasers help kids not to chew on their cheeks post-surgery, which can extend recovery times and create more trauma. A huge benefit of the lasers is that they can be used for frenectomies, one of the most common procedures in my practice.

As a result of being able to use the laser for hard tissue, prep work and restorative procedures including crown preps, crown lengthenings, fillings, and composite restorations have become much more typical in my day-to-day schedule thanks to my BIOLASE lasers.

Worth the Work

Going to the dentist can be a stressful experience for adults and children. At my practice, the BIOLASE dental lasers are working every day helping my young patients reduce anxiety and procedure time while making them feel more relaxed.

Very near to my heart is the ability to use laser treatments on my patients who have special needs. Often they are intimidated by loud noises, and hypersensitive to pain– the Waterlase creates more of a “popping sound,” and is less invasive, often requiring little to no need for local anesthesia.

One of my patients with autism is a very high-functioning individual but has sensory issues that can influence the visit significantly. Understanding my patient’s background, I went straight for my Waterlase to mitigate the sound, vibration, and time it takes to complete his restorative work and fillings. Due to the sensitivity of this case, I opted to treat the patient in two visits. Had I used conventional methods and tools, it would have likely taken more time and could have easily overwhelmed my patient. Overall, treating this patient was a breeze! They sat in the chair, watched a movie and the appointment was over in no time.

Dr. Myeasha Burgess, DDS

This is the experience for many of my pediatric patients. I take joy in making the dental experience for a child fun and exciting. Using terms like “butterflies buzzing” or “popcorn popping” when using my dental lasers makes it fun for them and for us. Since we do not have to use any shots, drugs, or anesthetics, there is no pain and patients leave with full function of their mouth as they are not numb – they can even go back to school on the same day! Parents are equally elated because they can often get all their child’s procedures done in one appointment. Many times it helps prevent visits to a specialist which eliminates additional costs, and most importantly, their child feels comfortable and can enjoy their appointment.


Worth the Investment

BIOLASE has changed my practice tenfold. I’ll never go back to using old conventional methods on my patients. Procedures and treatments are quicker, safer, more efficient, and more effective. Patients and parents alike are happier with our minimally invasive laser treatments, as well as my entire dental care team. With this novel technology, I can do more operations with one laser on both soft and hard tissue, than with any dental tool I have used before. If I had to tell anyone who is debating investing in laser technology, I would say just do it – invest in your practice and patients.

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BIOLASE is offering select dentists an obligation-free opportunity to integrate minimally invasive Waterlase laser technology into your practice. Visit the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program to learn more!

Dr. Myeasha Burgess

About Myeasha Burgess, DDS

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and now reside with my family in Petal, Mississippi. Prior to our move to Petal we lived in Laurel, Mississippi for six years. 

At Sparkling Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, each child is treated like my own. We laugh, play, and dance through the day, making the dental experience enjoyable! As a pediatric dentist, I have been given the pleasure of working with beautiful children every day. I know the importance of a smile in building the self-confidence of a young person. Oral health is a critical part of a person’s overall well-being.

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