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Waterlase Trial Program: Revolutionizing Dentistry and Beyond with Waterlase Technology

By: Dr. Darcy Rehn, DDS

In Spring 2022, I had the opportunity to participate in the Waterlase Trial Program (WTP) with my partner, Dr. Ryan Zastrow, DDS. The unique program gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the groundbreaking world of Waterlase all tissue laser technology, which has become a cornerstone of our practice.

Our introduction to the WTP came through our prior investment in a diode soft tissue laser, which piqued our curiosity about the potential of Waterlase. One of the standout aspects of the WTP was the hands-on training and the seamless integration of Waterlase into our daily practice which gave us the opportunity to work directly with the laser technology and witness its impact on patient outcomes directly.

With the Waterlase now at our practice, the innovative technology not only elevated our clinical capabilities but also fostered a sense of unity and enthusiasm among our team. This enhanced synergy translated into improved workflows, greater efficiencies, and ultimately, enhanced patient care. Procedures flowed more smoothly, and patients found comfort in the minimally invasive approach that the advanced laser technology enables. 

The versatility expanded our capabilities, allowing us to provide more comprehensive and specialized care to our patients including unforeseen opportunities in peri-implantitis management, bacterial removal, and enhanced access for debridement. From bonding composites in veneers to the efficient removal of veneers, the advanced technology elevated the quality and efficiency of our treatments. Perhaps most importantly, patients experienced less bleeding, and trauma during procedures, quicker healing times, and virtually pain-free treatments. The precise surgical interventions not only resulted in faster healing but also increased bonding strength.

After participating in WTP, the deciding factors that led us to adopt Waterlase into our practice were apparent: the ability to enhance and perform new procedures like frenectomies, crown troughing, porcelain crown removal, and laser-assisted scaling and root plannings (SRPs), significantly improved patient care and expanded our service offerings, ultimately benefiting our practice but, more importantly, our patients.

Our positive experience with Waterlase technology has brought new dimensions to practice efficiency, treatment opportunities, and patient care. To dental professionals considering the WTP, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the leap. The program offers an invaluable opportunity to revolutionize your practice and embrace the new era of dentistry where precision, efficiency, and patient comfort take center stage.

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About Darcy B. Rehn, DDS

Dr. Darcy B. Rehn, a Colorado native, earned her degree in Integrated Sciences before discovering her passion for dentistry as a dental assistant. After obtaining her Doctorate in Dental Surgery, she garnered awards for patient care and leadership.

With over 500 hours of post-doctoral training, including at the L.D. Pankey Institute, Dr. Rehn specializes in restorative dentistry and TMJ therapy. Recognized in 2016 by the Pierre Fauchard Academy, she is committed to personalized care plans and preventive dentistry.

Active in dental associations, Dr. Rehn is also passionate about environmental conservation. Outside her practice, she enjoys time with family, cooking, mountain biking, skiing, and supporting ethical companies.

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