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Waterlase Trial Program: The Impact of Waterlase All-Tissue Laser

By: Dr. Ryan Zastrow, DDS

Before participating in the Waterlase Trial Program (WTP), my partner, Dr. Darcy Rehn, DDS, and I couldn’t have predicted the impact the Waterlase all-tissue laser system would have on our practice. Already having purchased a diode laser, we were intrigued by the possibilities that an all-tissue laser could offer, which naturally led us to the WTP.

During the two-day hands-on training, we not only explored the numerous use cases but also were able to incorporate the advanced technology directly into our practice. The opportunity for hands-on learning was instrumental in preparing us to integrate the technology efficiently.

Waterlase Laser Dentist - Dr. Ryan Zastrow

After introducing the Waterlase dental laser, we saw an increase in time efficiency, as well as an improvement in patient care, including reduced bleeding and trauma during procedures, faster healing times for surgical procedures, and increased bonding strength. The dental laser was positively received by employees and patients alike, with both noticing and appreciating the difference and elevated comprehensive care.

Additionally, with enhanced precision, we were able to expand our services to include: frenectomies, crown troughing, porcelain crown removal, laser-assisted SRPs, implant maintenance procedures, access for restorations, and gingivectomies. With new offerings, we were able to keep more procedures in-house, saving patients time and money, while also increasing our return on investment (ROI).

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The WTP transformed our practice for the better and improved patient care. Through the unique program, we were able to explore the cutting-edge technology and witness firsthand the benefits it could bring to our practice and patients. This gave us the expertise and confidence to purchase the Waterlase dental laser, which is now an invaluable addition to our office. I encourage dental professionals to embark on this incredibly worthwhile journey with the WTP,  as laser dentistry becomes the new standard of care. It’s a decision you won’t regret, and your patients will thank you for it.

Ready to be part of the dental laser revolution?

BIOLASE is offering select dentists an obligation-free opportunity to integrate minimally invasive Waterlase laser technology with a customized education program. Visit the Waterlase Trial Program to learn more!

Dr. Ryan Zastrow

About Ryan Zastrow, DDS

Dr. Ryan Zastrow was born in Rifle, CO and moved to the Vail Valley at the age of nine. He attended the University of Colorado Boulder for his undergraduate degree and worked as an athletic trainer for the university’s Sports Medicine Internship program. After receiving his BA in Biology, he attended the University of Colorado Health Science Center in Denver where he graduated magna cum laude from the UCHSC’s dental school in 2000. Shortly after graduating Ryan and his wife, Nori, moved back to his hometown, allowing for Ryan to practice dentistry with his father, Ron.

From complex restorative dentistry and cosmetic treatment, temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) therapy, occlusal therapy, as well as much advanced surgical training in the areas of bone grafting and dental implant dentistry, Dr. Ryan G. Zastrow‘s commitment to his patients is shown through both his compassionate approach to dentistry and his numerous hours of continued education. Since finishing dental school his primary goal has been to mirror his father in helping make his patients’ dental experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, while providing the highest quality of care.

Ryan G. Zastrow, DDS‘s passion for dentistry continues beyond his practice and into the community where he and the Zastrow Dentistry team donate their time and treatment to programs such as Kids in Need of Dentistry, Colorado Dentistry for the Handicapped, and Eagle County Smiles.

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