Waterlase Fractional Handpiece


Skin resurfacing, wrinkle treatment, and scar revision made easy.*

The Waterlase Fractional Handpiece by BIOLASE utilizes an advanced Er,Cr:YSGG laser** and water atomization, resulting in faster healing and recovery time.


  • Diffractive, micro optics lens array
  • Up to 9W of Power
  • Fits comfortably and ergonomically in either hand
  • Safe, in-demand treatment
  • Quick treatment time for patient and staff
  • No anesthesia or gels required for most procedures
  • Great results on aging skin, including mild to moderate wrinkles
  • Single-use disposable applicators for patient safety

*Intended medical Indication. Available only in European, Middle Eastern and African countries where dermatological indications are within the dental scope of practice. Not available in the US. **Waterlase iPlus version 2.1 or later. Contact your local BIOLASE distributor for availability.

Technical Specifications

Total power output: Up to 9 W at 15 Hz
Total energy/pulse: 100 – 400 mJ
Energy per spot: 10 – 40 mJ
Spot Diameter: 200 – 300 μm
Spot spacing: 0.9 mm
Fluence per spot: 20 – 120 J/cm2
Depth of one crater: Up to 0.5 mm
Surface coverage: 5 – 8% (single pass)

Please contact your local distributor for additional product information.