Get better disinfection, more predictability & reduced patient discomfort.

  • Conserve natural tooth structure during RCT, reducing risk of overshaping, and over-access that can lead to root fractures.
  • Greater access to lateral canals and the critical apical third, with minimal tooth structure affected due to minimally invasive 1mm diameter access.
  • Single-visit endo — fast procedures with reduced chemical medicaments.
  • Images 1-4 Courtesy of Francisco A. Banchs, DDS, DMD, MSc
  • Images 5-7 Courtesy of Christo Janse van Rensburg, BChD
  • Images 8-9 Courtesy of Dr. Isaac Kably M.
  • Images 10 Courtesy of Dr. Win Nguyen
  • Images 11 Courtesy of Dr. Charles Maupin

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  • Improve Efficiency within Your Workflow
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  • Less Post-Op Patient Discomfort
  • Exceptional Fluid Dynamics