3 Tips to Get Social at ADS2019

The future of dentistry takes center stage on October 18-19 in San Diego, CA. Get ready for a weekend of education, innovation, and inspiration from the biggest names in modern dentistry.

1. Let’s connect now!

If you are not already connected with BIOLASE through our social media platforms, get started now! It’s the best way to connect, network and learn from the ADS community, before, during and after the event. Find our social links below!

2. Engagement is key during the event.

Engagement is what makes social platforms fun for all. Let’s break it down for ADS!

Instagram and Instagram Stories are all about visuals! Yes, everything from selfies to vacation trips, foodies and your favorite pet videos makes the Instagram community connect on a more personal level. Get social and have fun sharing all your ADS pictures and videos using #ADS2019Live. A great insta-post, Boomerang, or video share to your stories in real-time, we are here for it. Don’t forget to tag us too!

Twitter is the news of social media. Real-time updates and conversations are top-trending for this platform. Share your favorite ADS speakers, tracks, quotes, or learning experience. Questions? Our helpful reps and staff are there to help! Just use #ADS2019help during or after the event for any ADS related questions.

LinkedIn is all about professional connections. This platform is the one for networking, growing and for many, seeking to land their next big career opportunity. Connect with us, our speakers, doctors and business partners or share your favorite group photo from ADS. This is how we advance dentistry! Here are some official hashtags to connect with others at ADS:

  • #ADS2019Speaker
  • #ADS2019Dentist
  • #ADS2019RDH (registered dental hygienist)
  • #ADS2019DA (dental assistant)

Facebook is near and dear to our heart! This is where many of us connect and share with close family and friends. Photos, memorable life events, and check-ins at our favorite local spots is what makes Facebook an oldie but goodie. Share your experience at ADS or your overall trip to sunny San Diego #RoadToADS2019.

If you’re a Snapchat user, make sure to look for our custom ADS2019 filter for your pictures on the day of the event!

3. ADS2019 Takeaways

Sure, every good thing must come to an end – not ADS. We are #AdvancingDentistry along with thousands of BIOLASE laser owners worldwide and the dental patients who continue to love and trust their dentist with the innovations in our laser technology. Let’s continue the conversation, learn from your peers and apply what you learned at ADS to advance your career, practice or knowledge. Whether you missed a track, course, or just want the complete breakdown of your favorite session, we got you. Visit advancingdentistry.org after the event for continuous ADS content from the symposium and other assets available to you. Check out photos, testimonials, speaker interviews and more. Stay tuned!