5 Tips for Managing Today’s Dental Practice

Managing a dental practice is not unlike running any other type of business. If you can improve both efficiency and the quality of care, you’ll ultimately have lower costs and  provide a vastly improved experience for patients.

Take a moment to discover a few practical tips for managing your growing dental practice below and learn how you can set yourself up for long term success with nothing more than a willingness to try a new approach. 

Implement Modern Dental Marketing Strategies: Using proven dental marketing strategies that will allow your office to better reach the local patients in your area is one of the most important tips for successfully managing a dental practice. From sponsoring and hosting in-person events to fully embracing social media as an acquisition channel, putting additional thought into how you market your dental business can provide substantial returns in the future. 

Use Industry Leading Technology: Taking advantage of the best dental technology is a surefire way to grow your practice, but it’s also a great way to speed up delivery of care and improve patient outcomes in general – and there’s plenty of evidence to support this notion. This is why many of today’s top dental professionals are using dental lasers. Whatever your budget, BIOLASE has a diode laser that can be used for a variety of procedures – from teeth whitening to more complex dental surgeries. 

Automate Administration: Believe it or not, most administrative tasks at a dental practice can be automated – from billing and scheduling to the referral systems you have in place to drive new business. Whatever you’re looking to simplify or speed up, you can count on there being a solution to automate it. Many of today’s top-performing dental practices have opted to go “new-school” when it comes to dental practice management and are rapidly adopting dental practice management software including Curve Dental, Dentimax, and others

Hire Smart & Invest In Your Team: Patients will visit a dentist because of proximity and good reviews, but they’ll keep coming back if they feel welcomed by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. This is why it pays such huge dividends to hire smart (based on experience and emotional intelligence) and commit to investing in the growth of your team through classes or seminars. 

Measure Everything: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Be dedicated to monitoring key performance indicators each month at your practice. This can include metrics such as net production vs. collection, doctor production vs. hygiene production, new patient flow, case acceptance percentage,  cancellations and no-shows.

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