8 Repeatable Ways iPlus 2.0 Generates Practice Growth Every Day

Looking for greater dental practice growth? 

That laser in your operatory is more powerful than you think. Loaded with handy dandy features, BIOLASE takes pride in having its latest innovations crammed with usability. The WaterLase iPlus 2.0 laser is the essential clinical device for generating practice growth through routine use. Take a peek at eight common clinical indications for the #1 preferred all-tissue laser.

Lesion Treatment

Indicated to treat herpetic lesions (HSV1) and aphthous ulcers. The iPlus reduces pain and swelling, and promotes healing response.

Fibroma Removal

Tissue tags and fibromas are effectively removed. Laser treatment offers minimal bleeding, pain, and post-operative swelling.


Lasers are indicated for the removal of gingival tissue. Just say no to scalpels.

Frenulectomy (frenectomy or frenotomy)

Attachment management cases are easier with lasers. Bleeding is reduced and the challenge of manipulating a slippery suture is eliminated.

Troughing for Impression

Better patient management produces a better impression. Gingival troughing for crown preps replaces traditional time consuming cord packing.

Class V Restorations

WaterLase is indicated for class I through VI cavity preps. The highly accurate iPlus 2.0 cuts hard tissue as fast as the high speed drill but with better accuracy and less damage to enamel.

Periodontal Applications

The Radial Firing Periodontal tip is designed for all subgingival applications. The laser assists in generating new attachment and tissue growth.

Root Canal Decontamination

The Radial Firing Laser tip is designed to move through the root canal. Laser energy disinfects and penetrates up to 1.2 mm into lateral canals and tubules.

These repeatable procedures are common in every busy practice. The WaterLase iPlus 2.0 laser is guaranteed to enhance the patient journey and generate practice growth through routine use.

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