Integrating Dental Technology: 9 Neccessary Steps for Your Dental Practice

Dental technology plays a compelling role in elevating the patient experience. More than just gizmos and contraptions, these powerfully effective medical devices deliver immediacy, flexibility, and efficiency that no progressive practice should be without. Here are a few things to consider when integrating technology into your practice.

Discover New Ideologies

Advanced technology cannot be overstated, and as a result of the development of these game-changing innovations, dental practitioners continue to enhance the patient experience. Some of the biggest and boldest new technologies that are changing dentistry include:

  • 3-D Imaging
  • 3-D Scanning
  • 3-D Printing
  • CAD/CAM Chair Side Milling
  • Dental Lasers
  • Digital Radiographs
  • Practice Management Software

Develop a Game Plan

Formulate a plan for product adoption. Determine clinical application use before a purchase is made. Understand how the technology is beneficial to the patient and quality of care. Be prepared to discuss the pros and cons of implementation with your staff. Schedule an in-office demo if possible.

Create a Budget

Determine an annual budget for the latest advancements. Speak with a financial planner for professional advice. Consider which technologies will add value to the patient experience and add value to your practice.

Consider Financing

Some dental lenders allow repayment of loans over a five-year period. If $100,000 at 6% is borrowed with a repayment period of five years, the monthly payment would translate to about $1,900 a month. For some dentists, that’s the equivalent of two additional crowns per month.

Recognize Return on Investment

Return on investment is an important factor to consider although not every purchase can be measured monetarily. Some products improve practice efficiency and elevate the patient experience. These dividends will be paid in a thankful staff, satisfied patients and increased cash flow. Many vendors have ROI calculators that make the process simple.

Qualify Your Purchase

Sometimes business-related equipment and technology purchases qualify for IRS tax deductions. Speak with your accountant for further information.

Shop Smart

Take a course before you buy. Ask questions about training and support. Learn as much as you can about a product or device by talking with some of the vendor’s clients. Attend a trade show and talk with users about product performance. Speak with vendors about product service and support. Take advantage of trade show specials.

Make a Buzz

Use the new investment to your advantage. Market the new services to patientsand introduce them to the newfangled thingy that offers same day appointments and makes treatment safer and more comfortable with less chair time and fewer appointments. Exceed patient expectations and overwhelm them with the “wow factor.”

Deliver the Best

Be a proactive leader in your field and integrate technology into your dental practice. Deliver the highest caliber of dental medicine available. Successful service providers invest in technology and recognize the many benefits of being the first in line to embrace new ideologies.

The future of dental medicine is thrilling. Get fired up about the evolution of dentistry and throw a great big ball of enthusiasm and vision to your team. Embrace new technology and revel in the rewards of practice efficiency, proud staff, and overjoyed patients.