How to talk about new dental technology with patients

Dental professionals continually seek out ways to improve their practices – from renewing licenses and certifications to ensuring they are up to date on the latest dental marketing tactics, technology and treatment options. While these steps provide professional growth, the most important benefit is the added value for the patients’ experience.

However, getting patients on board with new and improved practices can pose a challenge, as many are wary of trying new things, especially when it comes to healthcare. Below are a few tips on how to discuss new dental technology and treatment with your patients. 

Start with the relationship

As a dental professional your recommendation carries clout but when a patient considers you a friend, they can believe you have their best interest at heart. It is important to first make sure you are taking the right steps to build positive relationships with your patients, which will always set conversations around any change up for better success. 

Anytime a patient visits, it should be a goal to add enthusiasm to their time at your office. Small talk, responding well to any questions or comments and working with a positive attitude can all contribute to building a relationship with patients, and as an added bonus has been shown to result in stronger customer retention

Work on your new dental technology “pitch”

When it comes to recommending new dental technology to a patient, it can be challenging to encapsulate each proof point into your conversation. Crafting your message beforehand allows you to prioritize the information you feel is most important to share, while also leaving ample time for discussion. It is also important to limit jargon as much as possible.  For example, when explaining to your patient that you have adopted laser dentistry into your practice, you can start with what they will care about most – faster healing, less time in the dental chair and virtually pain-free experience.  

Get feedback

While your “pitch” will likely remain the same, patient responses may not- which can be helpful. Based on common themes in their feedback or questions, you can then better understand how to deliver the conversation and what patients care about or are most concerned about. 

If a patient has already experienced the new technology you can leverage their feedback to inform other patients about the experience firsthand. Using this testimony can increase the success of your recommendation, as long as you objectively evaluate the process. 

Overall, change can be concerning to anyone, but it is the dental professional’s responsibility to make sure patients understand all their options, to make informed decisions. And when done correctly the conversation is typically appreciated and well-received.

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