Practices that focus on dental marketing are presented with opportunities to grow their patient base and their business revenue.

Biolase provides advanced dental technology to dental professionals around the world. Committed to the success of dental practices, Biolase produces an abundance of helpful resources, including how-to videos, to support users of these laser dentistry systems. Biolase is also focused on supporting dental practices in other ways – including dental marketing.

Strategies & Resources for Dental Marketing

In addition to the marketing support materials provided at Market My Laser, Biolase also publishes useful guidance for anyone looking to enhance the marketing of a dental practice. Below are just some of the resources Biolase has developed to support those focused on the success of their business.

+ Effective Dental Website Design

+ Modern Dental Marketing Strategies

+ How to Get Reviews for Your Dental Practice

+ 3 Essential Local Dental Marketing Strategies

+ Customer Service Benefits of Live Chat & Chatbots

+ Guidance on Improving Dental Patient Retention

+ Dental Advertising Insights to Promote Your Practice in 2019

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