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Incorporating Dental Lasers into Everyday Practice

By Dr. Hooman Sereshki

I often page through dental magazines and go to dental conventions to see what is new in dental technology, which is how I came across BIOLASE. Almost five years ago, I started with the BIOLASE Epic Pro, and was instantly impressed by how it offered quicker procedure time and cleaner healing, providing more precision, power, and comfort than traditional diodes. The quality of the product and the way the laser technology transformed some procedures in my practice sparked my interest in investing in a hard/soft tissue laser. After reading reviews and talking to practitioners using this innovative dental technology, I began looking into the BIOLASE Waterlase line, which has a broader set of indications, and the design is also quite ergonomic.

The Waterlase is yet another great technology that I enjoy utilizing for routine procedures and boast about—sharing with patients and colleagues that we have the latest technology and tools available to provide a better treatment outcome and dental experience for all. We’re equipped with almost every major dental technology, and I rank my BIOLASE Waterlase in the top two of my favorite, most-used equipment.

Waterlase Dentist - Dr. Hooman Sereshki

I utilize BIOLASE dental lasers almost every day. As a result, I have witnessed better results and ease of performing procedures including root canals, gingivectomies, restorative, crown lengthening, and even digital impressions (margin troughing). Since adopting this innovative dental technology, I have performed more than 700 procedures. My plans include becoming a BIOLASE instructor to sharing my experience with my colleagues.

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Everyone wins with the dental laser

From knowing when to stop irrigating an infected root canal system during an endodontist treatment, to next steps if subgingival restorative margins violate the biologic width, and uncovering implant cover screws with lasers—adopting dental lasers has increased level of care my practice is able to provide both our patients and their care teams. It used to take me the whole appointment to ’flap’, adjust bone level, and suture, to the point that I would refer all of my crown lengthening cases. With the laser, the entire procedure takes just a few minutes, and if you are also utilizing digital impressions and in-office milling machines, a crown lengthening, build-up, and a full coverage restoration can be completed in less than three hours. We don’t need to schedule the patient for a second or third time. It’s convenient for everyone, from time spent in the chair and fears around procedures, to cost and recovery time. With the dental laser, most of my patients experience less discomfort during and after the procedure. Elevating the quality of care gives me peace of mind for many reasons, and BIOLASE has made it possible.

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Education is a crucial component of my practice. I give patients the option, and most of them opt for the laser as it offers several benefits that are too good to ignore. We also don’t charge additional fees to utilize the laser in a procedure. Efficiency is the benefit, as it’s easier for me to perform procedures with a laser rather than the “old-school” way. One thing to remember is the laser is not a magic wand; it is another tool that happens to be very effective, accurate, and convenient to use when indicated. In some procedures (soft tissue management), it is faster to utilize the laser compared to other techniques. In some procedures (restorative), it is more accurate and less traumatic to use the laser alone or in combination with other instruments.

Commitment to Advancing Dentistry

My practice is committed to implementing the most efficient and effective tools as we all believe in beneficence, which means that a medical practitioner has a moral duty to promote the course of action that they believe is in the patient’s best interests. It is this same commitment that led us to invest in industry-leading dental lasers, and other advanced technologies to be able to provide the best care we can for our patients. I often compare the level of innovation of dental laser technology to transportation. For example, people used to get to their destination on horses, which was great then. Horses got the job done for centuries, but after the invention of the automobile, getting from point A to B eventually became much more comfortable and convenient. It’s the same when you’re thinking about lasers; they help you get to your destination in a more predictable, efficient, and timely manner.

Some practitioners have apprehensions about new technology, but I recommend spending some time learning and trying it yourself. You will see the multitude of benefits that are impossible to ignore. While the initial investment might seem daunting, in the end, our solutions make us effective providers. If it’s properly used, we can offer a next-level treatment, unlocking a new level of dentistry. 

Mostly, I feel at my best when I can perform to my expectations. Dentists are the number one critics of their own work, and this is why dental lasers have become steadfast in my office, and where I start and end every day. I call my mornings “coffee and laser time.” I have my cup of coffee, and begin preparing for my first patient of the day. The first patient is usually a case that we know will require some soft tissue management, and it always feels like we do magic with the laser. It is reassuring to know that with the laser I have cleaned and disinfected the root system, preserved healthy tooth structure during caries removal, or treated pediatric patients with more comfortable restorations. These are some of the best feelings a provider can have at the end of the working day. From patients to my staff, the joy that dental lasers have brought to my practice is undeniable. After 20 years in the dental profession, I continue to enjoy dentistry, and I would be remiss not to highlight how BIOLASE dental lasers have helped me and my practice get to this point.

Ready to be part of the dental laser revolution?

BIOLASE is offering select dentists an obligation-free opportunity to integrate minimally invasive Waterlase laser technology into your practice. Visit the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program to learn more!

Dr. Hooman Sereshki

About Hooman Sereshki, DDS

Dr. Hooman Sereshki, DDS, has been practicing dentistry since 2002. A graduate from Azad University of Tehran Dental School, Dr. Sereshki received his second DDS from University of Colorado Denver dental school in 2014.