Make National Dental Hygiene Month Last Year-round

Dental Hygiene Month is fast approaching – what are you doing to prepare? 

Floss the Teeth You Want to Keep

Clean between the teeth before you brush. Get into the routine of flossing because it removes plaque and food particles that can’t be reached by a toothbrush. If you have trouble manipulating the string, ask your dental hygienist for tips. Floss comes in all sorts of fancy schmancy styles and there is one with the right thickness, coating and filaments just for you. Click here for proper flossing technique.

Brush Twice a Day

Always brush teeth two minutes, twice a day, every day. Studies show that brushing for two full minutes is the most effective way to get rid of sticky plaque that causes gum disease and cavities. A proper brushing technique cleans teeth and gums. Manual and electric toothbrushes are available. Ask your dental practitioner which one is right for you. Remember to brush your tongue too.

Rinse Last

You wouldn’t wash a car without rinsing it off, so give your mouth the same attention to detail. The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs issued new advice highlighting the oral health benefits of ADA-Accepted antimicrobial mouth rinses that help prevent and reduce plaque and gum disease. Rinsing with an anti-microbial rinse aid helps prevent gum disease and makes your breath smell amazing. Select a mouthwash that carries the ADA Seal of Acceptance and always rinse according to package directions.

Make National Dental Hygiene Month last all year long. Your dentist and dental hygienist are available to help you manage your mouth. If it’s been six months or more since your last dental visit, schedule an appointment today.