Crown & Veneer Removal

Crown & Veneer Removal Shouldn't Feel Like This


Remove crowns and veneers in 5 minutes or less!*

  • The only laser cleared by the FDA to remove crowns & veneers!
  • Get 30 mins of your life back! Remove veneers in <1 minute, crowns <5 minutes
  • Eliminate excess heat from cutting with multiple, expensive diamonds.
  • Ability to save the veneer and crown for re-use.

*For all porcelain and ceramic crowns and veneers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zirconia crowns are ceramics! So, this is effective on all-zirconia, zirconia mixed with lithium disilicate, lithium silicate / disilicate. A common confusion with Zirconium the metal.

Specific materials tested and confirmed: all-zirconia / full zirconia, layered zirconia (i.e. porcelain fused zirconia), lithium disilicate, leucite glass

Cements tested and confirmed: resin, resin modified glass ionomer, glass ionomer

No P.F.M Porcelain or Ceramic Fused to Metal! No Full Metals, no metal-oxide cements. If there is extreme or very bright light flashing immediately on laser application, stop and switch to mechanical removal techniques. 

All materials above could be treated at the same settings. The only factor that makes a difference was the material thickness. Thicker crowns/veneers needed longer time. Thinner materials needed lower settings. Thinner materials are more prone to fracture, too. Be sure to have complete coverage, cement is so strong that even one pinhead sized cement missed by your laser coverage could hold the veneer or crown on. Overlapping coverage is best. Try MZ8s or larger.

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