Crown & Veneer Removal

Crown & Veneer Removal Shouldn't Feel Like This

Remove crowns and veneers in 5 minutes or less!*

  • A pleasant experience for you and the patient!
  • Get 30 mins of your life back!
  • Eliminate excess heat from cutting with multiple,
    expensive diamonds.
  • Ability to save the veneer and crown for re-use.

Waterlase Laser Dentistry also brings you 80+ minimally invasive clinical indications that deliver best-in-class patient experiences and case acceptance.

Provide a gentler patient experience by removing cavities with little to no anesthesia.1

Perform minimally invasive, flapless, sutureless procedures with minimal recession, less post-operative discomfort, and faster healing.1 Easier on your patients, your staff, and you.

Implant and Peri-implantitis

Remove > 98% of biofilm on infected titanium implants without reflecting a flap or significantly affecting surface temperature. 2


Perform patient-friendly, minimally invasive esthetic procedures, such as Closed Flap Osseous Crown Lengthening and Gingival Recontouring, with less recession and greater predictability.1

*For all porcelain and ceramic crowns and veneers. Indication pending 510(k) clearance. 1Based on clinician reported outcomes. 2 Data on file.
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