Precision Where You Need It Most

Ask any person about what a dentist does, and they’ll respond that you work on teeth. While true, it is actually much more than just teeth. As you manage adjacent tissue biotypes – soft tissue, dentin, bone, periodontal ligament, and so on – many challenges may arise.

Controlling bleeding, removing small amounts of excess, impinged tissue – you name it, the challenges can come from anywhere. Plus, it is essential that your practice is equipped to handle soft tissue challenges that arise, like painlessly treating like cold sores, aphthous ulcers and fibromas and other tissue growths.

Currently, BIOLASE offers a complete family of dental lasers that are ideal for soft tissue applications. Waterlase iPlus and Epic X are market leaders in their categories. Recently, BIOLASE introduced Waterlase Express, a smaller, more cost-effective and easier to use laser; and Epic Pro for more complete control of soft tissue.


Waterlase soft tissue overview animation

Soft tissue procedures with Waterlase patient animation

Epic Pro

‘Consistency in Soft Tissue cutting’ white paper by Dr. Robert Convissar

Epic Pro soft tissue cutting demonstration video

Epic X / Epic 10 / iLase

Soft tissue procedures with the 940 nm diode (Epic X / Epic 10)

Epic X quick overview video

Epic X soft tissue incision demonstration


Soft Tissue

Waterlase Express™

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Soft Tissue

Waterlase iPlus®

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Soft Tissue

Epic Pro™

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Soft Tissue

Epic X™

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