Expose Smiles with Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Cosmetic dental issues can negatively affect a patient’s mojo. An unattractive display can destroy confidence, wreck self-esteem, stagnate a career, and kill a good first impression. It’s up to us as dental professionals to understand cosmetic challenges and offer minimally-invasive treatment options. Here are a few guidelines to help enthuse patients about their smile potential with aesthetic crown lengthening.

Show and tell

Use a camera and live monitor to show the patient their display as they talk and smile. Freeze the frame accordingly. Ask the patient their thoughts about their teeth. Are they happy with their smile? Do they cover their mouth when they speak or laugh? Would they enjoy an improvement?


Conduct a thorough exam with x-rays, teeth measurements, study models, and wax-up. Review everything with the patient and guide them to the decision that is best for them and their situation.

Pique interest

Everyone likes before and after photos. Let your library of success stories speak volumes as a testimonial to your skill and talent. Explain how minimally-invasive treatment was executed and results were achieved.

Share your awesomeness

Part of what makes you a great dentist is your finger-on-the-pulse philosophy. Compare minimally-invasive laser technology with traditional blades, scalpels, and electrosurge. In an article published in Dentaltown, Dr. Samuel B. Low has this to say about lasers and crown lengthening cases: “Lasers possess characteristics which enhance access via hemostasis and accelerated wound healing and are advantageous for the overall result.” Explain the benefits of laser technology and why you use it:

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Predictable
  • Accurate
  • Comfortable
  • Less treatment anxiety
  • Better hemostasis
  • No tissue charring
  • Better healing time
  • Less post-operative complications

Take good pre-op photos

Use a camera that is capable of full-face and profile shots, as well as close-up images. Use tissue retractors for close-up images. Be sure to take frontal views of the face (one relaxed and the other smiling). Use retractors for at least two of the anterior shots (one clenched and the other slightly open). Use the vertical midline to orient the camera. Remember to collect a signed waiver so you can share the images with future patients.

Document the gold 

Take post-op photos at the follow-up appointment. If they are as enthusiastic about their new smile as you are, let them talk about it!

Laser-assisted aesthetic crown lengthening is just another glorious item to add to your extensive menu of patient services. You are capable of exposing great smiles. Let Waterlase help boost production with cosmetic procedures including aesthetic crown lengthening, veneer preparations, and everything in between. Its versatility and global acceptance by dental health care researchers, experts, leaders and patients ensure that laser technology will have a positive impact on the future of oral medicine. Go! Make smiles happen.

Document the gold