How to Find the Best Dental CE Courses

Hey smarty pants! Just because you have a jay-oh-bee in the wonderful world of dentistry doesn’t mean your education is over. According to Albert Einstein, education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. So where can you find the best dental CE courses?

There has never been a more titillating time to be a dental professional. From dental pulp regeneration to dental lasers, there are literally thousands of topics and new technologies just waiting to be adopted into your au courant practice. Train your mind to think of CE credits as continuing professional development instead of a mundane chore. Here’s how to make CE fulfillment a compelling experience.

Understand your obligations

Education requirements vary by state for dentists and auxiliaries. According to the American Dental Association, the Grand Canyon state requires dentists to earn 72 credit hours. That’s a hill of beans more than the bluegrass state which only requires 15 for dentists.

Put a positive spin on it

Forget the fact that your employer or state licensing board requires that you pursue CE credits to legally practice your art. Your mission (if you choose to accept) is to obtain pragmatic tips that can easily and immediately impact the way you practice. The real benefit of continuing your education – aside from the obvious adrenaline rush of learning all there is to know about the beautiful oral cavity – is how you can grow your practice organically by continuing to do something you love.

Keep an open mind

CE credits are an educational requirement for all licensed health care providers. Although “educational requirement” sounds a bit tedious, it’s still an effective way to stay current on medical advances. CEs fill the gap.

Take time for the good stuff

Like retraction cord, CE courses come in all different shapes and sizes from online fast-track to multi-day cadaver workshops. The best CE courses clearly demonstrate how to elevate standard of care with evidence and real-world applications.

Learn and adopt

Think about enrolling in CE courses that make you do a happy dance. They’re out there. Take time to locate experienced educators who use that new little thing you like in every day practice. The savvy instructors are steeped in their specialty and have a cult following. These motivating experts are pleased as punch to share their techniques. Take those pearls of wisdom home and immediately adopt them into practice.

Understand the science

Evidence-based presentations provide references to scientific literature to support the results being achieved. Some lectures include interactive hands-on instruction. If you learn better one-on-one, reserve a CE workshop that limits the number of attendees.

CE has been highly effective at improving patient outcomes and growing practices. CE ensures that the best evidence is known, understood and implemented by health care providers. Never stop training your mind. Never stop growing your practice.