How to Select the Perfect Diode for Your Dental Hygiene Program

It’s no secret that diode lasers can boost a hum-drum dental hygiene program.  Because so much convenience is packed into such small devices, the diode is the most popular laser for dental hygiene use.

Diodes can enhance the hygiene experience with its antimicrobial properties. Lasers can distend the sulcular wall for ultrasonic access and decrease hemorrhage for better visualization, as well as enhance wound healing with biostimulation. Consider the following criteria when selecting a diode laser:


A moving experience. A light, portable device is easier to operate than a an overweight unit with a tangled mess of cords.

Footprint size

Size matters. A device with a small footprint conforms well to an op with limited counter space.


A cordless device provides a safer, cleaner, and organized work environment. It ensures portability in moving from op to op.

Tip size

Be prepared. A full assortment of lengths and diameters is recommended. Select tips that are bendable and adjustable. According to Dr. Samuel B. Low, DDS, MS, MEd “Tip size should be thin in diameter in order to negotiate the sulcus.”

Disposable tips

There are tremendous advantages to single-use items as compared with reusable products. Because these items are used to treat one patient only and then disposed of, they help reduce the potential of patient-to-patient contamination.


Laser devices such as the BIOLASE Epic X are extremely user-friendly. It’s loaded with graphic procedure presets along with the ability to have continuous and pulsed settings.

Ergonomic design

Precise ergonomics make the task at hand more comfortable for the operator. Find a peer-reviewed product that specifically helps reduce neck strain, eye strain, arm strain, shoulder strain, and wrist strain.

Wattage and voltage

Select the highest wattage for peak performance and power.


Quality training is essential through entities such as the Academy of Laser Dentistry and World Clinical Laser Institute.


Select a brand with rave peer reviews and a warranty. An experienced company backs up their product and keeps their fans smiling so they can keep patients smiling.

FDA approved

The Epic X laser is the only soft tissue diode laser cleared by the FDA for three modalities of treatment: soft-tissue surgery, whitening, and pain therapy.

Scope of practice

Information regarding RDH and RDHEF permitted functions and supervision levels change frequently for each state. Clinicians are encouraged to contact their state dental board or the Academy of Laser Dentistry for clarification of the requirements for laser treatment.

Tiny beams of light are revolutionizing dentistry. Lasers provide patients with comfortable periodontal alternatives to traditional ultrasonic scalers. Diodes are on the market and ready to boost practice production. Choose wisely.

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