Boost Your Hygiene Program With A Portable Diode Laser

Do the hustle – with diode laser dental treatments.

In order to keep up with patient loads and practice demands, the one-hour hygiene appointment time slot is shrinking. 50-45-40 minute appointments are common and the 30 minute accelerated appointment is gaining popularity. Smarter time management with diode laser-assisted hygiene procedures can boost production without sacrificing quality of care.

The diode laser simplifies hygiene procedures and makes treatment less invasive for patients. Advantages of diodes in the hygiene operatory are:

  • Patient comfort
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Decreased chair time
  • Greater hemostasis
  • Periodontal pocket disinfection
  • Decreased use of local anesthesia
  • Faster healing time
  • Reduced noise

Dental hygienists commonly use lasers, such as the BIOLASE Epic X for sulcular debridement, reduction of subgingival bacterial loads, inflammation control, and hemostasis. Here are a few other procedures that can help boost production and save time.

Better sealants
Laser light disinfects the grooves and pits to prevent contamination, which aids in sealant success.
Comfortable scaling and root planing
Laser light helps decontaminate periodontal pockets, decreasing the number of harmful pathogens and removing diseased tissue. Eliminating necrotic surfaces on roots provides a more receptive surface for tissue reattachment.

Aphthous ulcer treatment
Rapid wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects are achieved with biostimulation. The laser tip never comes in direct contact with the target tissue which means more comfort to the patient. Pain relief is immediate and wounds heal almost overnight.
Cold sore treatment
Like aphthous ulcers, cold sores are a painful affliction. Diode lasers can help these unsightly and embarrassing lesions heal faster.

Accelerated teeth whitening
Laser photons excite a photochemical activator that increases the enamel response to hydrogen peroxide. Results can be achieved in 20 minutes. The perfect reward for a prophy appointment.

Comfortable gingival curretage
Lasers are indicated for new patient sulcular debridement and periodontal maintenance patients. Lasers are more comfortable and can reduce patient anxiety.

Dental hygiene is one of the best ways to boost practice production. Lasers help create a WOW! (way over wonderful) factor for patients who are pleased to learn they can have a more comfortable experience in the dental chair. Prior to use, dental hygienists are encouraged to contact their state boards to determine if their states’ scope of practice permits laser use.